Commercial HVAC Mold inspection

How clean is the air in your business space? If you feel your HVAC system has been invaded by mold and mildew, or there are odors in the office space, don’t worry! Aggie Inspector Group is here to help. We are a Licensed Mold Assessment Consultant team that works with business owners in and around Sugar Land, TX. Through commercial air quality inspections, our inspectors can spot any mold-related issue in your system. Also, unlike other HVAC inspection companies, we go beyond just heating and cooling systems. In fact, we’ll assess your entire property to determine the true source of your mold problems. Ready to get an HVAC inspection near me? Clients can call (832) 865-9218 for bookings and inquiries. We do commercial HVAC inspections in the following areas:

  • Angleton, TX
  • Bay City, TX
  • Baytown, TX
  • Brenham, TX
  • Brookshire, TX
  • Richmond, TX
  • Rosenberg, TX
  • Sargent, TX
  • Sealy, TX
  • Spring, TX
  • Sugar Land, TX

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Commercial HVAC Mold Inspectors

Running a business is already hard enough without having to worry about odors and mold in your commercial space. After all, the human body can only do so much. So rather than forcing yourself to check for mold buildups and odors in your HVAC system alone, why not hire professional air quality and mold inspectors?


Firstly, they can help ensure your system is in tiptop condition all year round. Secondly, locating mold issues and fixing them can help prolong the lifespan of your units. Less need for repairs equals lower company expenses, right? And lastly, they can help maintain a clean, healthy environment for your employees, clients, and of course, yourself. Remember: health is far more important than any amount of money in the world.


Want to learn more about commercial HVAC inspections and how they can help your business? Then book a consultation with Aggie Inspector Group today! You can reach our team at (832) 865-9218.

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Commercial Mold Inspection Companies

How do you find the right commercial mold inspection companies to work with? Well, some of the things you need to do are:

  • Ask for Estimates: The first thing you should do is to ask for a written mold inspections cost estimate. It’ll help you gauge how clear and transparent they are with their prices.
  • Check their Background: Browse through their website to see if they actually have the permits to operate in your area. Also, check how many years they’ve been in business. As a general rule, you might want to skip those who’ve only been around for less than a year.
  • Book a Consultation: Lastly, the best way to get to know a commercial mold inspection team is to book a consultation with them. You’ll learn a lot about their team and the way they treat their clients just from a single meeting. If you feel they’re just some dubious contractors who only want to steal your money, then don’t bother wasting your time on them.

Looking for the best HVAC inspection companies near me with decades’ worth of combined industry experience? Then get in touch with Aggie Inspector Group now!
Call (832) 865-9218 for more information.

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HVAC Inspection Near Me

When was the last time you got an HVAC inspection near me? Some warning signs that indicate mold may have infiltrated your system are:

  • Musty Odor: Mold buildup tends to give off a damp, musty odor. Not only is it unsettling, but the bacteria and allergens that come with it can be quite harmful as well. So the moment you notice your unit giving off moist, musty, foul-smelling air, call for commercial HVAC inspections.
  • Higher Energy Bills: Apart from ruining your space’s indoor air quality, mold buildup also forces your unit to consume more electricity just to function normally. That’s because your system has a much harder time pushing out hot/cool air if mold is blocking the ductwork and vents.
  • High Humidity: Does your air still feel warm and humid even when the AC is cranked up high? If so, then you might be dealing with some mold blockage. This is definitely a problem during the hot summer season where humid air is just impossible to deal with.

Did you notice any of the signs we mentioned? Then call Aggie Inspector Group now for an HVAC inspection near me! It’s important that we do commercial HVAC inspections right away before the damages worsen and become a bigger, more expensive issue. Call us at (832) 865-9218 for appointment bookings in or near Sugar Land, TX.

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