Are Your Customers and Employees at Risk?

Are Your Customers and Employees at Risk?

Find out with the commercial mold inspection services offered by Aggie Inspector Group in Houston & Angleton, TX

Mold issues in your commercial property can present health and liability risks. Aggie Inspector Group offers reliable commercial mold inspection services in Houston, Texas to help you discover if mold exists on your property.

Our professional inspectors will work with you as part of your renovation team. We’ll do a complete walk-through of your property, discuss your concerns and provide you with honest answers. Our thorough testing process will reveal elevated levels of mold so you can get it treated quickly and get back to business.

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5 reasons you need our mold inspection services at your place of business in Houston or Angleton, TX

Do you understand the risks involved with elevated mold levels? Aggie Inspector Group provides commercial mold inspection services in Houston & Angleton, Texas designed to protect your business.

Here are five reasons you need our services if you suspect mold issues:

  1. Mold represents a health hazard for your customers and employees
  2. If your business shuts down due to elevated mold levels, you lose money
  3. Elevated mold levels can put your business at risk and expose you to liability
  4. We provide user-friendly reporting to give you a complete evaluation
  5. Our guidance lays the foundation for remediation teams to remove toxic mold

Protect your business, employees and customers with our complete mold inspection services.

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